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TAS 3073 Mini Reihe

3015 DK

3015 DK

Product Information

Technical Specifications


d (mm) D (mm)M t (Nm)F ax (kN)p W (N/mm²)p N (N/mm²)Z (Stk.)SM A (Nm)L (mm)L1 (mm)L2 (mm)Weight (kg)
100x1451500030021715010M12 x 0551456065774.1
110x1551650030019714010M12 x 0551456065774.4
120x1652160036021715812M12 x 0551456065774.8
130x1802920045021215315M12 x 0601456874866.5
140x1903780054023617418M12 x 0601456874867
150x2004050054022016518M12 x 0601456874867.4
160x2104800060023017520M12 x 0601456874867.8
170x2256160072523417718M14 x 06523075819510
180x2356520072522116918M14 x 06523075819510.6
190x2507650080519815120M14 x 075230889410814.3
200x2609660096622617424M14 x 075230889410815
220x28510940099520315618M16 x 0903559810412019.8
240x305159200132624819524M16 x 0903559810412021.4
260x325179600138223819125M16 x 0903559810412023
280x355225200160820816424M18 x 11048512012614435.2
300x375251300167520216225M18 x 11048512012614437.4
320x405344600215320816425M20 x 12069013514216251.3
340x425366100215319615725M20 x 12069013514216254.1
360x455483500268619815725M22 x 13093015816518775.4
380x475510400268618815025M22 x 13093015816518779
400x495537200268617814425M22 x 13093015816518782.8
420x515676900322320416630M22 x 13093015816518786.5
440x545829200376920716730M24 x 1501200172180204110
460x565866900376919816130M24 x 1501200172180204114
480x585964600402020216632M24 x 1501200172180204119
500x605100500402019416032M24 x 1501200172180204123
520x6301162900447318315130M27 x 1601600190200227148
540x6501207600447317614630M27 x 1601600190200227154
560x6701252400447316914230M27 x 1601600190200227160
580x6901297100447316413830M27 x 1601600190200227165
600x7101431300477116914332M27 x 1601600190200227170
620x7301478000477116313932M27 x 1601600190200227175
640x7501526000477115813532M27 x 1601600190200227180

Description Of Function

The main function of a locking assembly is the safe connection of a shaft to a hub by means of friction. For example, between a shaft and a gear hub. The locking assembly creates a play-free connection by expanding between the shaft and the hub. This type of connection is used mainly for transmitting torque.

It is installed by inserting the locking assembly between the components and the subsequent tightening of the screws. By using conical surfaces, the outer diameter increases and the inner diameter reduces. Radial pressure is built up. The clamping forces are provided and controlled by the screws (force-controlled). This allows the direct compensation of the clearance between shaft and hub.

The supplied locking devices are ready for installation.

To achieve proper operation with a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces between shaft and hub must be clean and slightly oiled. Machine oil must be used as a lubricant. The functional surfaces of the locking assembly, threads and screw heads are prepared at the factory with oil film.