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TAS 3073 Mini Reihe

3051 Half/Split

TAS-3051 Half/Split

Product Information

Technical Specifications


d (mm)d w (mm)M max (mm)D (mm)I (mm)a (mm)l 1 (mm)A (mm)B (mm)M A (Nm)Z (Stk.)d B (mm)       S           DINClassn max (rpm)p N (N/mm²)I (kgm²)Weight (kg)
120100590018524.5530.515812959811M 10 x 4093110.930001690.01641092.7
125100540018524.5530.515812959811M 10 x 4093110.930001630.01557812.5
140120860022024.5530.517514459911M 10 x 4093110.926001630.033153.9
1551351240024524.5530.5192159591111M 10 x 4093110.923001800.05148064.9
16514016500260285362101691001013.5M 12 x 5093110.922001900.07704536.5
17515020000275285362201791001113.5M 12 x 5093110.920001980.0956257.2
18516023500295285362251891001213.5M 12 x 5093110.919002040.12882818.5
19517031700315335412371991001513.5M 12 x 5593110.918001990.20587512
20018037800330335412422041001613.5M 12 x 5593110.917002070.241962513
22019048200345416502652242501017.5M 16 x 7093110.916002050.3348516
24021066100370416502902442501217.5M 16 x 7093110.915002260.43762518
26023086200395446543102652501417.5M 16 x 7093110.914002230.614968722
28024098100425528623332852501617.5M 16 x 8093110.913002030.93929
300260121000460528623583052501817.5M 16 x 8093110.912002131.319535
320280148000495528633783252502017.5M 16 x 8093110.911002221.82442
340300169000535528634023452502117.5M 16 x 8093110.910002192.561651
3503002020005456010714133604901622M 20 x 9093110.910002133.041658
3603102020005556010714233654901622M 20 x 9093110.910002073.227559
3803302430005856912814423874901822M 20 x 10093110.99701974.440573
3903402820005956912814523974902022M 20 x 10093110.99602144.744975
4003503070006156912814624074902122M 20 x 10093110.99302195.449581
4203603210006307312854854274902222M 20 x 11093110.99002046.234687
4403803750006607312855054474902422M 20 x 11093110.98602127.550496
4604004670006857914925274684902822M 20 x 12093110.98302159.6167113
4804204900007158114945474884902822M 20 x 12093110.980020611.4123
5004405560007508114945675084903022M 20 x 12093110.976021213.91137
5304706590008009014102.56005404903322M 20 x 12093110.971019419.91173
5605007750008509014102.56305704903622M 20 x 12093110.967020025.51197
5905308260008709014102.56766024903622M 20 x 13093110.965019027.21197
6205608790008809014102.56866244903622M 20 x 13093110.965018127.23188

Description Of Function

The main function of a shrink disc is the safe connection of a shaft with a hub by means of friction. For example, between a drive shaft and a transmission hollow shaft. The shrink disc generates a backlash-free connection by pressing the hub onto the shaft. This connection is mainly used to transmit torque.

The shrink disc only provides the required forces, and transfers no forces or moments between shaft and hub by itself. Therefore, the force flow does not pass through it.

It is installed by sliding the shrink disc onto the hollow shaft and the subsequent tightening of the screws. By using conical surfaces the inner diameter reduces and the radial pressure is built up. The 30xx range of shrink discs are not self-locking. The clamping forces are provided and controlled through the screws.

This allows the direct compensation of the clearance between the shaft and hub, without an overload that may occur on path controlled shrink discs, due to small or over sized clearance.

The supplied shrink discs are ready for installation.

To achieve proper operation with a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces between shaft and hub must be dry, clean and free of grease. The functional surfaces of the shrink disc, the thread and head rests of the screws, are equipped at the factory with lubricant. Molykote G-Rapid Plus or comparable must be used as a lubricant. The contact surfaces between the hub and inner ring must be provided with grease or oil before installation.