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TAS 3073 Mini Reihe

3051 Light-Range

TAS-3051 Light-Range

Product Information

Technical Specifications


d (mm)d w (mm)M max (Nm)D (mm)I (mm)e (mm)H (mm)A (mm)d 1 (mm)M A (Nm)Z (Stk.)       S            DINClassn max (rpm)p N (N/mm²)I (kgm²)Weight (kg)
1201001190018539651158129598M 10 x 4093110.930001690.03282195.4
1251001090018539651158129598M 10 x 4093110.930001630.03177945.1
1401201730022039651175144599M 10 x 4093110.926001630.06637.8
15513524800245396511921595911M 10 x 4093110.923001800.10296129.8
165140331002604686221016910010M 12 x 5093110.922001900.154090613
175150400002754686222017910011M 12 x 5093110.920001980.185937514
185160470002954686222518910012M 12 x 5093110.919002040.257656217
195170634003155687223719910015M 12 x 5593110.918001990.394593823
200180757003305687224220410016M 12 x 5593110.917002070.48392526
220190965003456698426522425010M 16 x 7093110.916002050.648771931
2402101320003706698429024425012M 16 x 7093110.915002260.850935
26023017200039572109231026525014M 16 x 7093110.914002231.229944
280240196000425841010433328525016M 16 x 7593110.913002031.877958
300260243000460841010435830525018M 16 x 7593110.912002132.601369
320280297000495841110637832525020M 16 x 7593110.911002223.691485
340300339000535841110640234525021M 16 x 7593110.910002195.073101
3503003880005451001112241336049016M 20 x 9093110.910002136.0831116
3603104040005551001112242336549016M 20 x 9093110.910002076.5097119
3803304870005851121213644238749018M 20 x 10093110.99701978.94147
3903405640005951121213645239749020M 20 x 10093110.99602149.49150
4003506140006151121213646240749021M 20 x 10093110.993021910.9162
4203606430006301201214448542749022M 20 x 10093110.990020412.47174
4403807510006601201214450544749024M 20 x 10093110.986021215.02191
4604009340006851321315852746849028M 20 x 11093110.983021519.23226
4804209810007151321315854748849028M 20 x 11093110.980020622.8246
50044011130007501321315856750849030M 20 x 11093110.976021227.83274
530470131900080015012.517560054049033M 20 x 12093110.971019439.83346
560500155000085015012.517563057049036M 20 x 12093110.967020051.03394
590530165200087015012.517567660249036M 20 x 13093110.965019054.42394
620560175900088015012.517568662449036M 20 x 13093110.965018154.46376

Description Of Function

The main function of a shrink disc is the safe connection of a shaft with a hub by means of friction. For example, between a drive shaft and a transmission hollow shaft. The shrink disc generates a backlash-free connection by pressing the hub onto the shaft. This connection is mainly used to transmit torque.

The shrink disc only provides the required forces, and transfers no forces or moments between shaft and hub by itself. Therefore, the force flow does not pass through it.

It is installed by sliding the shrink disc onto the hollow shaft and the subsequent tightening of the screws. By using conical surfaces the inner diameter reduces and the radial pressure is built up. The 30xx range of shrink discs are not self-locking. The clamping forces are provided and controlled through the screws.

This allows the direct compensation of the clearance between the shaft and hub, without an overload that may occur on path controlled shrink discs, due to small or over sized clearance.

The supplied shrink discs are ready for installation.

To achieve proper operation with a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces between shaft and hub must be dry, clean and free of grease. The functional surfaces of the shrink disc, the thread and head rests of the screws, are equipped at the factory with lubricant. Molykote G-Rapid Plus or comparable must be used as a lubricant. The contact surfaces between the hub and inner ring must be provided with grease or oil before installation.