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TAS 3073 Mini Reihe



Product Information

Technical Specifications


Description Of Function

The main function of the rigid flange coupling (FKE) is the safe and backlash-free connection of two shafts by means of friction. For example, between a drive shaft and an agitator shaft. Flange couplings are directly separable at the flanges. The used pressure ring generate a backlash-free connection by pressing the flange-hubs onto the shafts. This connection is mainly used to transmit torque. It can also be transmitted axial forces and bending moments.

The shrink connection do not transmit any forces and/or moments between the shafts and hubs, they just provide the necessary forces. They are not in the flow of forces.

It is installed by sliding the flanges onto the shaft ends and subsequent tightening of the pressure ring. Thereafter the flanges are connected by bolting.

The rigid flange couplings are supplied ready for installation. The clamping is done manually by means of screwing tools. Optionally with a hydraulic clamping tool.

To achieve proper operation and a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces between the shaft extensions and flangehubs, as well as the contact surfaces of the flanges, must be free of grease, dry and clean. The functional surfaces of the cones, threads and head rests of the screws are provided at the factory with lubricant.