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SHS Standard

SHS Standard

Product Information

Description Of Function

The main function of a shrink disc is the safe connection of a shaft with a hub by means of friction. For example, between a drive shaft and a transmission hollow shaft. The shrink disc generates a backlash-free connection by pressing the hub onto the shaft. This connection is mainly used to transmit torque.

The shrink disc only provides the required forces, and transfers no forces or moments between shaft and hub by itself. It is not in the force flow.

It is installed by sliding the shrink disc onto the hollow shaft and the subsequent tightening of the hydraulik system. By using conical surfaces the inner diameter reduces and the radial pressure is built up. After clamping the SHS will be locked mechanically and the hydraulic pressure will be removed. Due to this simple approach the SHS is suitable for repetitive clamping operations as they occur on a test bench, for example.

Advantages of the SHS:

– application-specific design/customization

– relatively low pressure

– very rapid tightening / loosening, in comparison to the mechanical shrink disc

– mechanically removably, partially mechanically tensionable when hydraulic is not available

– simple design based on 3-parts shrink disc

– maintenance/repairs carried out by customer

To achieve proper operation and to a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces between shaft and hub must be free of grease, dry and clean. The functional surfaces of the shrink disc are equipped at the factory with lubricant. The contact surfaces between the hub and shrink disc must also be provided with grease before installation.