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TAS 3073 Mini Reihe



Product Information

Technical Specifications


FK (mm)d w (mm)M max (Nm)Typ (3071-d)M A (Nm)A (mm)D (mm)Dz (mm)L (mm)a (mm)b (mm)z (mm)Z (Stk.)      S            M A (Nm)I
7575730010030210240170136444446M 16 x 702100.16549926
90901310012559265305215160544856M 20 x 804200.48769948
10010017900140100286340230190645655M 24 x 907200.82914363
12012038700165250356400300228757258M 24 x 1107202.126131120
13013042600175250356400300228757258M 24 x 1107202.246611120
150150795001952504204753502789090610M 30 x 13014505.408399215
16516510300022025044051037031410890614M 30 x 13014507.692146270
18018014400024049047554040532211388616M 30 x 130145010.247074310
200200193000(1) 260490500560430368125110816M 30 x 150145014.889123395
220220251000280490530590460392139104818M 30 x 150145018.392262445
240240318000300490555615485408147104820M 30 x 150145022.627586500
260260435000340490640710570450161118824M 30 x 160145045.880687780
290290519000360490660720590450167106824M 30 x 150145076.117692790
310310697000390840735805660484180114828M 30 x 160145081.5582461060
3403408910004208407708356905282081221030M 30 x 1601450102.4424381230
38038011980004608408459207705862021281035M 30 x 1701450166.0385021420
4104101431000500125094010308506182251561232M 36 x 2002400283.0518742200
44044019610005301250100011009006962581601436M 36 x 2002400382.1704572680
47047023970005901250108011809807442801641440M 36 x 2002400553.0924933340
500500274200062012501110121010207442801641442M 36 x 2002400638.288493620

Description Of Function

The main function of the rigid flange coupling (FK) is the safe and backlash-free connection of two shafts by means of friction. For example, between a drive shaft and an agitator shaft. Flange couplings are directly separable at the flanges. The used shrink discs generate a backlash-free connection by pressing the flange-hubs onto the shafts. This connection is mainly used to transmit torque.

The shrink discs do not transmit any forces and/or moments between the shafts and hubs, they just provide the necessary forces. They are not in the flow of forces.

It is installed by sliding the flanges onto the shaft ends and subsequent tightening of the shrink disc. Thereafter the flanges are connected by bolting.

The rigid flange couplings are supplied ready for installation.

To achieve proper operation and a sufficiently high coefficient of friction, the contact surfaces between the shaft extensions and flangehubs, as well as the contact surfaces of the flanges, must be free of grease, dry and clean. The functional surfaces of the shrink disc, threads and head rests of the screws are provided at the factory with lubricant. The contact surfaces between the flange-hubs and shrink discs are oiled.